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About Us

There’s something about the way a song carries a message that really cuts through.

Sarah and I grew up on truth-filled lyrics and beautiful melodies that pierced our hearts as we participated in worship with our church family.


I love those memories. I love those songs. It’s a joy to think of the believers who went before us, living out their faith through songs of praise and worship penned by their own hands.


Today, Sarah and I sing their songs, and our children are learning them as well. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the sweetness of our son watching us and joining in when he hears lyrics he recognizes. Our baby daughter sometimes “sings” along too. She’s too little to know the real words yet, but how could God be anything but delighted at the sound of a baby singing to Him in her own voice?


It is a blessing to write our own songs that spill over with our love for our Heavenly Father. Each of our songs records a snapshot of the things we’re thankful for, the ways God has blessed us, and the times we were most desperate for His comfort in our lives.


We love being able to share the Gospel through song, and pray that those who hear it will be encouraged and emboldened. We also hope that our music helps you stay focused on what is most important in a world that constantly bargains for our affections.


And remember: We're called to glorify God TOGETHER—as brothers and sisters in Christ. So you are not alone.


By God's grace,  


Caleb + Sarah

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