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#1: Only One Jesus

When I sat down to write what would eventually become “Only One”, the thought on my mind was simply, “What does the Church need to hear?” This is a question that often launches my songwriting process. Sometimes it launches a song that seeks to be more apologetic in nature, while other times it spurs on a song of simple praise. This time is seemed to accomplish both.

There’s only one Jesus. There’s no other like Him. No one else is able to save a sinner. No one else is God. Many in the world would argue the other side and say that there are other ways to God. The point of this post isn’t to go into detail on all the different perspectives that share this heresy. The point of this post, and the point of the song, Only One, is to unite believers in exclaiming that there is only one Jesus. As the Church we agree together what Jesus proclaims in John 14.6: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He alone is faithful and true. He is trustworthy and will accomplish all that the Father willed for Him to. He will save His bride—the Church. And there is no other suitor able to justify and sanctify the Church—only Jesus. Our words can’t save us—only Jesus. Our works can’t save us—only Jesus. It is His sacrifice, His grace, His mercy, that sets us free.

Maybe you’ve taken time to listen to Only One (and, if so, I am very grateful). Maybe you haven’t. I pray that Only One is a great encouragement to all who listen. As the body of Christ, let’s agree together and lift high the only one who is worthy of praise and glory—our Lord, Jesus.

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